How You Can Fast Track Your Forklift Training

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If you are applying for a role that requires some experience with forklifts, then you will more than likely have to undergo some sort of forklift training. Even if you are quite knowledgeable about forklifts, if you do not have the proper licence, then you will not be able to work as a forklift operator in your new role. However, no one wants to spend days on end going through the same routines you probably already know very well. If you want to get through your forklift training as quickly as possible, then look for express forklift training options at your local trade school.

How Do Express Forklift Training Courses Work?

Normal forklift training courses don't take too long, roughly two or three days, but this can feel like a lifetime when you consider that a lot of this is theory you probably already know from working in the industry. Express forklift training courses cut this time in half or even more by really streamlining the process and allowing you to get back on the forklift in no time. This training option is available for many different types of forklifts, so make sure that the one you are training in is the right one for your job.

How Does It Shorten The Time?

Express forklift training courses work by putting most of the theory online so that you can learn all of this information in your own time. Of course, you will still have to undergo several quizzes and tests to prove that you have learnt this information, but it also means that if you know most of this information, you can get through this part of the course far quicker. Then, you simply have a half-day practising with the machines and getting familiar before the rest of the day is taken up with the practical tests. 

Is This The Right Option For You?

Express forklift training is only for people who already have a lot of hands-on experience with forklifts. Those who have just let their licence expire or worked on forklifts in some capacity are suggested for this course. If this is your first time actually learning how to use a forklift, then you really should be enrolling in a regulation forklift training course. These are much better suited to beginners because they take a little bit longer to go into details you might not know. That is why there are two different levels of training courses when it comes to forklifts.