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Comparing Internet Speeds

If you were to compare the average speeds of the internet in different countries you would find that they vary greatly, as do the prices. You would also find that whilst the speeds in the UK are not the fastest, neither are they the slowest either and the prices are neither the highest or lowest either. The two countries with the fastest average internet speeds are also two with the cheapest prices. South Korea offers an average speed of 1 GBPS at a price of just US$20 per month whilst Hong Kong offers a similar average speed for US$26 per month. The three countries with the next fastest average internet speeds are Switzerland, The Falkland Islands and Sweden. This means that in the UK we get reasonable speeds at reasonable prices but that does not mean that we want to pay more than we have to and so we should choose our speed carefully to ensure that we do not pay more than is absolutely necessary.

The speeds that we can be offered by a varying number of internet providers will depend on where we live in the country. Usually those people that live in or near a large city, will be offered faster speeds than those that live in the countryside, far from a major town or city. The speed we opt for should take into consideration the number of devices we intend to use the same connection as each device takes away some of the speed. This means that if you have just one device, it should operate at the same speed as that delivered to your home however, if you have 3 or 4 devices connected to the same connection, none of them will work as fast as the delivery speed to the house. It is therefore important that you compare deals carefully, choosing the one that best suits your needs, the number of devices you intend to connect and your budget.

The faster speeds are mainly intended for use by businesses as they will usually connect many different devices to the same connection whilst some of the much slower speeds are still ample for general home use. The introduction of fibre optic technology has allowed the faster broadband internet speeds to become available to a far larger number of people which in turn has helped to make the internet even more popular than it already was. Today an internet connection is thought of as almost a necessity as even schools may expect students to have access to the internet to complete some of their homework. It is now thought that as much as 60% of all business is now carried out via the internet and so the internet is appearing in more aspects of our lives all the time and a good, speedy connection is therefore becoming even more important as well. If you do not alr3eady have a connection, there are websites where you can go to in order to find out what internet providers operate a service in your area and the same sites also show the different packages available along with the price of each.