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Granny Flats in Australia

Since the regulations regarding granny flats in Australia have changed, there are now a lot of people building them as an investment for their future. Obviously everybody would like their own house but unfortunately, certainly young couples, cannot afford their own home when they first start living together and so there is always a need for small houses to be rented. A granny house is ideal for rental in this manner as; the regulations relating to a granny flat insure that they are self-contained, usually including a bedroom, a kitchen, a bathroom and a living area. The granny flats must also have at least one entrance which is exclusive to the flat as well as its own separate pathway. Of course the regulations do specify that a granny house cannot be any bigger than 60 square metres but that can be ample especially considering an additional 12 square metres can be added as either a patio or veranda.

The new regulations that apply to the building of granny flats are in respect to both detached and attached flats but, if someone is considering building an extension to their own home as a granny flat, they should remember that they may not know who their tenants may be. Also if someone has a spare room which they are considering modifying into a granny flat, they should remember the ruling about the flat having its own entrance. Most people though, are building a granny house that is on their grounds but is completely detached from their present dwelling.

Although the government’s rules have changed making it easier to build granny flats, any individual building one must always ensure that they are also in compliance with any local regulations but, the basic regulations are this. A granny house can be built on a piece of residential property provided; the property exceeds 450 square metres, The proposed flat does not exceed 60 square metres but must include all facilities to make it self-contained, the flat must have its own pathway and entrance, the flat is in the same name as the property on which it is built.

Even if you intend to comply with all these regulations, you must first receive local authority permission before you proceed and in order to do this, you must submit your request along with plans of the property and plans of the proposed flat. As the government are encouraging people to build these granny flats, no matter where you live in the country, permission should not take more than 10 days.

It is a build-up in confidence of the housing market which has led to these government changes to regulations and they are encouraging everybody to take advantage of them as it can provide each house owner with an additional income; the rent from the granny flat. If you live in Sydney, you can get granny flat builders Sydney advice on the internet and other cities also have similar online advice web sites which are specific to their city.