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Advancement with Fibre Optics

The introduction of fibre optic technology has allowed for better broadband throughout the UK. Broadband is a term used to describe a signal which can be transmitted over multiple channels and fibre optic cables allow for those signals to be carried with higher quality than the copper cables previously used could. Today if I want to check if there is fibre in my areaall I have to do is go to certain websites online where they display all the different internet providers in my area, with information as to whether that provider uses fibre or copper cables to provide that internet. The same website should also display the different internet packages which each of the provider’s offers in my area and provide quotes for the price of each package. Knowing what packages are available in your area will make it easier for you to decide which package would be right for you, providing you internet at a speed which you need and at a price you can afford.

It is usual that the faster the speed delivered, the higher the price but, in the UK, compared to the prices of internet services elsewhere across the world, those prices are very reasonable. They are however not the cheapest in the world as that honour probably goes to South Korea where speeds as fast as 1GBPS only cost US$20 per month. South Korea along with Hong Kong are also known to have the fastest average internet speeds in the world, which is a speed of 1GBPS, in Hong Kong though the price for that is a little higher at US$26 per month. Other countries which are known for their fast average internet speeds, although they may not be as cheap as they are in South Korea and Hong Kong are, Switzerland, Sweden and perhaps a little surprisingly, the Falkland Islands. Although we in the UK may not have the fastest speeds or the cheapest internet, we do at least have a choice of who we want our internet provider to be, a choice which is not available in many countries around the world.

With different providers available to choose from, we can look at the packages each has to offer and then carefully choose the one which best suits our needs. One point we should remember when considering what speed we will want is the fact that the more devices we add to that connection, the slower the speed will get. That means that if in your home you expect 3 or 4 devices to be using the internet connection, you should choose to have delivered to your home, a faster speed than you are hoping to receive on your particular device. As businesses add multiple devices to their connections, they often opt for the very high speeds which of course cost extra money but those speeds with their higher prices are very rarely needed in a home so we can pay less yet still receive an adequate speed.